What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, we have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Our heritage is both European and African – representing more than 50 nationalities. We speak Dutch, Spanish, and English – as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect.

The best part of exploring Curaçao is that it feels undiscovered, like an exclusive hideaway. One of the tiny “ABC Islands” – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao – this secluded slice of paradise is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. Villa Passaat wants to help you uncover its many wonders. There are no “tourist traps” here. Locals and visitors mingle in harmony throughout the island. Relax and unwind amidst Curacaoäns working, playing, and enjoying life to its fullest – the same as they have done for generations. We love to socialize, so don’t be surprised if someone waves and tosses a friendly “Bon Bini!” (Welcome!) or “Kon ta bai?” (How’s it going?) your way. What are you waiting for?

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Fly to Curaçao

You can reach Curaçao from a lot of different airports around the world.
From The Netherlands you can depart to Curacao every day with KLM (www.klm.com) or TUI (www.tui.nl).
From the US you can depart from Miami (www.aa.com)
From South America there are multiple locations with direct connections to Curacao.

Rental Cars
All main rental companies are located on Curacao. They all offer Airport pick-up and drop-off service. It is recommended to book your rental car up front, see www.curacao.com.



Enjoy more than 60 dive sites, underwater visibility to 100 feet, mild currents, lush coral gardens, and wall, wreck, and shore dive options. No wonder Curacao is ranked among the world’s best dining spots!

Many of the best diving spots are within swimming distance from shore. Tour companies and dive shops offer all-inclusive dive packages, so all you need is your certification. Many resorts also have accessible reef formations. Discover the secrets and beauty of each of our dive sites.


Located in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator -- and outside of the hurricane belt -- Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27° C (mid 80s F). Refreshing trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, October to February, is marked by short, occasional showers, usually at night, and continued sunny weather by day.





To take from home
On Curacao you can almost buy anything that you are used to buy at home.

Car rental
There are multiple large car rental companies located on Curacao where you can book a rental car online. Most of these companies offer Airport pickup and drop off services. It is also possible to rent a car with Villa Passaat, prices start at USD 40,= per day.

Travelling to Curacao does not require any special medicare.

You can drink the water directly from the water tap. Villa Passaat is equiped with an American refrigurator that has a water and ice bar.

Doctors and Hospital
Curacao has a lot of doctors, a large hospital and some private health centres.